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Category «RTFM»

How to set up a computer, network and public. Step-by-step instructions for beginners and experienced hackers.

Fine-tuning the Windows firewall via the command line

Many people use Windows as a desktop system, but have no idea how powerful and convenient its built-in firewall is. If properly configured, even if some malware gets on your PC, it will not be able to send anything to the network without changing the firewall settings, because the firewall will block everything that is …

What is a fingerprint and what is it for? Basic browser settings for online anonymity. Part 1

An urgent problem in the world today is the protection and security of personal data online. The widespread use of technology makes it easy to collect personal information. In addition, users self-share in social networks, messengers, email correspondence and other online platforms, often without even knowing that their data may fall into the wrong hands. …