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About Us

Cybersecurity, cyberthreats, white and black hackers, smart coffee makers and smart anal plugs, cryptocurrencies, a worldwide conspiracy and, of course, Big Brother, who is always watching over you. Which of these is true and which is fiction remains to be seen. This cyber world needs a hero. And we have several. Let’s get acquainted.

We are a team of professional hackers. Yes, we’re not afraid of that word. Hackers, exactly. We have a long way behind us. Each of us has been on the other side of the barricades, but today we are here to protect you in this cruel cyberspace.

Apt28 Group is a full-service company to protect your personal data, from preventing data breaches to responding instantly to your cybersecurity threats. Our team includes renowned lawyers and attorneys who are responsible for the legal aspect of cases.

We help companies protect their networks and information and respond to attacks. Regulate and comply with numerous government regulations designed to protect the privacy of Internet users.

Any cyberattack can cost your business millions and ruin your brand reputation. In this world, real-world experience matters. And we know how to detect any vulnerability in system security and how to exploit this vulnerability further. We can find vulnerabilities in your system and fix them before they’re used against you.

For us, it’s not just a business. It is a game. A game, in which there is always one winner and preferably anonymous. For us, the result is important. And for you, security.